Social IID


We provide deep insights of your social media data by using our products. Our products work on top of your social media data and/or the results from any social media analytics company. Our products provide deep insight of your social media performance and will help you to predict your future performance based on your activity in social space.

How it works

We use a simple process to solve your social media analytics problems.

  • 1. Collecting Data: Our system will take your social media performance and activity data.
  • 2. Analysis and Forecasting:Our advanced statistical and machine learning products help you to analyze and forecast .

    - Insight: Deep understanding of your performance

    - Forecast: Find your recipe for success

  • 3. Success: We provide custom analytics based on your needs. We provide report on a deck or online line solution basis.


  • iidScore: This is a measure which indicates your engagements of your brand, followers and fans. This scoring mechanism works on our proprietary algorithm to find engagement.
  • iid Real competitor: Instead of all your business “competitor” you should look at your “social media business competitor”. This product will help you to identify your real competitors. You need to analyze your real competitor to perform better than your competitors.
  • iid Forecasting: This modeling will help you to forecast your performance based on your future activities. We leverage every brand historical data to create this predictive model.
  • iid Sentiment: Classify every comments that you have received in your social media platform as a positive, negative and neutral . This product will help you to understand your fan and follower underneath sentiment about your brand.
  • iid Drivers: This product will help to find drivers (factors) of your social media performance and It will show important scores for each drivers. It will also identify drivers (factors) which are not helping to improve your performance in social media platform.

Simply Conjoint


This is a Choice Based Conjoint (CBC) design and analysis (logistic and hierarchical Bayesian ) performing product. This product will create a conjoint design file, analysis of data and give you simulated market shares between different products. This product creates exact same conjoint design like other competitors.

How it works

Our Conjoint product takes your data through this simple process.

  • 1. Create a conjoint based on attributes and levels under each attribute.
  • 2. Analyze and create utilities and importance distribution for each attribute and levels under each attributes using survey data.
  • 3. As a final step, create a market share calculating simulator.


  • Conjoint Design: It creates a conjoint design based on attributes, levels inside each attribute and number of respondent.
  • Conjoint Analysis: After survey is done it can run conjoint analysis (Importance and Utilities)
  • Simulator: This tool give you an option to create your own products and see corresponding market share.

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