We provides advanced analytics and custom research.

Organizations face a variety of analytical challenges to understand and forecast the data to address their business requirements and forecast future performance. At ThinkIID, our goal is to provide valuable business insight using advanced statistical analytical and data science procedures to aid in the decision-making process. Almost every business unit, in every major industry can use advanced analytics to help achieve cost effective, top line revenue growth that translates into real market value for the company. ThinkIID has the ability to identify and deploy the most appropriate data science tools to address the business issue at hand, for the business at hand.

Our analytic toolbox is competitive.

- Classification Analysis: Random Forest, SVM, nGram etc.

- Cluster Analysis: K-Means, Gaussian Mixture Modeling etc.

- Factor Analysis

- Bayesian Modelling

- Natural Language Processing:

- Multi-state Modelling

- Multivariate/ Generalized Linear Regression Modeling

- Logistic Regression

- Time Series analysis

- Chi-Square Analysis

- Sentiment Analysis

- Topic modelling

We have experience on different data analytic platforms, and programming languages.

- Hadoop distributions.

- Azure HDInsight and Machine Learning.

- Amazon AWS.

- Apache Spark distributions.

- R, Python, and Java.

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